3 principal of a high vibrated clairvoyant

According to Ploutarxos, the last Priest of Delphis, clairvoyance connected only to the central Sun (Apollo) is a holly one. This spiritual holiness reaches us today through Spirits and Guides of higher vibrations, who are not attached to Earth and have passed into the other dimension, behind the curtain of death. These Spirits are known as the Greek mythology Heroes, and when asked they choose to help humans, giving them higher messages and healing rays. Any kind of Oracle for ancient Greeks is an Apollonian one, meaning Good and Blessed. The Clairvoyance Diploma Seminar: “4 forces of Apollo”, enables you to learn, uncover and create higher connections, channels and gates.

The 3 Principles in order someone to be a highly connected clairvoyant could be, according to ancient knowledge: Meteorism, Hypnosis, and Remembering!

These three principles are examined in ancient manuscripts with an amazing and surprising for us today way, de-coding the straightforward way to conquer Truth. The ancient Greek manuscripts suggest that acquiring  this force, clairvoyance, is of high importance for all of us, as only then we are able to become pure and evolutionary souls. Only when exercising these principles we are able to make distinctions and free-will choices in harmony with the Universe!




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