Eros Healing Oracle – 5 senses system activation – New era Healing

In this certified course you are going to learn the basic steps of an ancient Greek Oracle healing tecnique of the 5senses. You will be extremely qualified to decode personal healing for you and your customers.

Pythia and Sibilla are well known titles of Apollo priestesses, who gave great and accurate fortunetellings with an unknown for us technique. The inner mystic ancient Greek Philosophy, had the paths and the ways How to connect humans with their Divine Soul, Purity, Wisdom and Grace.

Our goal and life purpose for the last 20 years was to uncover/decode and bring into surface, this secret knowledge and ancient oracle tecniques. Divination (Mantiki called in Greek) is one of Apollonian forces. The purpose of Mantiki, is to bring in our concious/mind accurate and valuable informations, so we can make wise choices in this life and reduce our Karma so we can conquer the Divine Grace vibration. This course is the start to a Divine journey, with great gold, silver and platinum stations. As we travel Many of you, will feel that you are aware of this … and this is true, cause every awaken soul had at least one lifetime in Ancient Greece so he/she could study the source / birth of Virtues (Aretes in Greek).

Every ancient civilization, has its priests and their Sun God and they reveal the same themes and purpose, its like a chain of same mysteries, secret knowledge and high vibrations connected in one Great Source of Akasha (Ether – Etheras in Greek). Having this in mind, no matter in what you beieve, let polarity aside and dive into your gold ratio field of knowledge in order to connect the lost pieces of the chain though our Oracle courses.

Eros Deck ad 350x350Healing 5 senses technique, given in this cards method, is a unique step of knowledge!

Oracle was and is the first step for a healing process!

This course is the first Oracle station in our Oracle trip. Eros and Psyche is our symbolic pathway to see and feel Love as humans and as Divine Cosmic entities of this Galaxy, the same time. But how can we decode these symboll and their myth? Eros and Psyche will lead us to see our self in this life and through the tecnique we are about to learn, to measure and receive guidance for our Soulmates, our Twin flame and of course for ourself mirror, till the next level of awakening.

Love is the child of Eros and Psyche, we all need this child. We all seek this child even when we have it. Love is all around us and in us. But how we miss it ? Is it our Karma? Is it our mind? Is our distance from our Divine Ego? Is all the above? The Oracle of this course analyze and establishes the healing principals of Divination, so we can find the missing child of Love. Qualifies you to be an expert love Oracle reader and to help other earth lost angels to find their way to Love in any form and shape.

This course is divided to 4 major sections,

  1. the Oracle theory, ancient scripts (symbols and decode) and Oracle principles,
  2. Analysis of Eros cards set
  3. Practice in  Oracle Eros cards technique
  4. The healing 5senses method
  5. Additionally we will travel in the electromagnetic field of Cuma Italy Apollo’s temple, Sibylla Oracle centrum and Sibilla’s Oracle Cave, so we can connect …. Let’s not forget that we are humans and we enbody a part of our flying soul,  that ancient sacred places all over Earth have  open Gates for us to enter …

See you in our first station… Eros healing cards deck Station

May Universal Love be in You

Calliope Xrisi Grigorioy

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