Tree of healing steps

steps of Detecting the cause-core

Every healing method and technique is emphasizing to the theory system of how to detect the topic that needs transformation. This is the heart of a healing session! The steps which lead us to focus on a specific cause-fruit of a disharmonic effect-tree usually are leading us to non love actions on this life or previous ones.

Yet, these anti-love actions when cleansed and healed, we might see that we come up again with similar blockages or negative feelings. Why this reaction occurs?  There could be many explanations, but the general one is that the conscious Healing Protagonist role should be You.

No one can heal you better than yourself! This means that choosing healing sessions it is a wise step, but your conscience should be aware that you are not giving your faith and responsibility of your iasis to your healer! The Protagonist is you and only you! Your Healer is just a bridge that connects you with your parallel harmonic self. It is you to decide for accepting and activating this Harmony!

We have a Garden of Trees! All these trees need their gardener! We can easily understand that the Gardener should be skilled with gardening gnosis for being able to treat and nurture these trees. We are the Gardeners of our Garden and we need to reach the level of a skilled gardener, if we want our trees to be healthy and blossoming.

If you are in this need to learn how to nurture your trees garden, this is your first purpose of this embodiment! There are 7 life purposes and 7 sacred soul contracts. Feel the blessing that the state of recognizing (meeting) the first one, can transmit you now.

In these series mini articles, we will explore step by step our garden and you will receive tips that will help you to Gardener sacred role journey. 

May Universal Love be in you – Calliope

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