Mukta Orchid chakra healing – on line certified course

mukta chart orchid healingsThe ancient Greeks, among innumerable myths about Gods and Cosmogony, they coded many legends on emotions  & senses’ mystique content.

“Orchis, the son of a nymph and a satyr, committed a terrible insult. During the ceremony of the Bacchanals in a sacred forest, (ceremonies dedicated to Dionysus – Bacchus) Orchis drunk and tried to rape a member of the Priesthood of God Dionysus. The divine trial’s result was Orchis absolute dismemberment. Father prayed for his son, but his prayers were only partially heard. Orchis lived but in a completely different form: Orchids appeared in his son’s place. The very word is the first scientific name of the plant. Theophrastus, semantically representing the similarity of the plant’s roots with man’s genital organs, called Orchis in Greek, named the plant family after Orchis – Yang Helios energy, calling it Orchid.”

This unique orchid energy that is transmitted by MUKTA Orchid Pendulum heals your organs’ aura and transforms & neutralizes emotional traumas.

Mukta Orchid Healing seminar:

  • nourishes the Yin of the whole body
  • nourishes the Yin of the Kidneys
  • heats and stimulates the Yang of the Kidneys, primarily affecting the genitals
  • nourishes the Yin Lung, softens the phlegm and helps eliminate it
  • nourishes the Yin of the Digestive system and especially of Stomach
  • gives energy and spiritual clarity
  • trauma healing on back heart chakra

This online seminar, gives you a strong foundation for practicing Vibrational healing, specializing in one of the kind MUKTA Orchid Therapy, initiating you to pendulum energy and the Principles of Radion.

Know how to heal organs’ aura and transform emotional traumas.

You will receive:

  • Your Mukta orchid pendulum
  • Your Mukta quantum charts
  • Book of Radion gnosis
  • Video material
  • Certification

Mukta Orchid Vibrational Therapist


Mukta orchid transform emotional trauma


Thank for enrolling to this certified course of Apollonian Academy! I am Ioanna your instructor to this course. You may press HERE and use the entry code received in your email. Let’s Mukta

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