Aura – Aurae – the nymphs of the breezes

THE AURAI (Aurae) were nymphs of the breezes. They were daughters of either the earth-encircling river Okeanos (Oceanus) or the north-wind Boreas.

Learning  about the genesis of a name, we are able to connect to the purest source of the archetype that encloses all information needed. Why we named our invisible bodies Aura – Auric field?

Let’s learn the myth of Aura and in plural Aurae

AURA was the Titan-goddess of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning. She was a virgin-huntress who was excessively proud of her maidenhood. In her hubris she dared compare her body with that of the goddess Artemis, claiming the goddess was too womanly in form to be a true virgin. Artemis sought out Nemesis (Retribution) to avenge her and as punishment Aura was violated by the god Dionysos. The crime drove her mad and in her fury she became a ruthless, slayer of men. When her twin sons were born, Aura swallowed one whole, but the second was snatched safely away by Artemis. Zeus then transformed Aura into a stream–or perhaps breeze “aura”.

Aura is related to the Aurai (Aurae), nymphs of the breezes.

  • Titan-Goddess: means that is one of the primordial forces of the Creation of Universe
  • Breeze: is connected with the smooth air element that someone can sense with its 5 senses system
  • Body: means the etheric human body that keeps karmic information and is attached to the physical one with the layers, if we go deeper the Nymphs are the layers of the atomic auric field.
  • Artemis: is Apollo’s sister, of course represents Moon and the healing Polarized moonlight
  • Violation: is the repeated cycles on non love actions that are kept in records and are transmitted to the auric field

As you understand there is a huge mystical & esoteric dictionary in teachings of Spiritualism.

Greek myths is the Spiritual encyclopedia of Western Civilization. 



AURA (Aura), a daughter of Lelas and Periboea, was one of the swift-footed companions of Artemis. She was beloved by Dionysus, but fled from him, until Aphrodite, at the request of Dionysus, inspired her with love for the god. She accordingly became by him the mother of twins, but at the moment of their birth she was seized with madness, tore one of her children to pieces, and then threw herself into the sea. (Nonnus, Dionys. 260.)

Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.


It is quite difficult to understand how the system of Aura-body functions, if you have not uncover/decode the mystic-coded teachings of myths. It is like someone tries to be a doctor without having studies in medical school.

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