Tetractys Diploma Seminar

In this seminar the Tetraktys healer learns the principles of the 4 personality types (sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic) according to Hippocrates and how to detect in which category he/she is included.
The Tetraktys healer learns how to decode Pythagorean metaphysical axiom by combining it with Hippocratic iasis methods.
800px-Tetractys.svgFurther on in this seminar, the Tetraktys healer deepens his knowledge on the characteristics and the cosmos of 10 0possites; 10 qualities that exist and identify with Tetraktys, as each 1 is a unit of 10 points, one of one decade.
This seminar aims to enrich and widen your healing gnosis and techniques, while Tetraktys will also initiate you in a deeper and stronger connection that intimately scans and detects disharmonious points that need transformation.
The Diploma Tetraktys Healer is able to geometrically decode multiple Tetractyses, unfolding any organism’s perfect rhythm.
The Apollonian Tetraktys Healer will know how to decode the soul’s notes, beats, how they orchestrate an incarnated body; their connections with vital organs, quantum algorithms and geometric forms that need to be transformed in order to succeed the harmonic synthesis, man’s divine holistic balance.

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