Activate your Akasha

This healing session activates your conscious connection with the mystic source of esoteric gnosis and senses, known as Akasha.
Our angelic soul knows the path, unconsciously we access universal, etheric truths.
Time-space limitations – Gravity is what holds us back, what makes us forget.
Sibylla, Apollo’s Iereia (“Ιέρεια”: Priestess), is a quantum diamond spira of records.
She can on present-time foresee the future, past & present
and stimuli the living causal blocking point,
as she is all-lit up with Apollo’s light,
and all dark or reversed points are  traced.
111 4As the sunshine that transcends a diamond making it glow, Sibylla transmits Apollo’s rays, outlining our soul’s connection with life and sacred vows. The ever-watching and ever-knowing sphere of your personal akasha is consciously revealed during this healing session.
This Apollonian healing session initiates your insight to your soul’s paths, helping you remember the connection to your truth purpose of life & activate your Akasha. 
This healing is for you…
If you feel that there is more inside you than you can imagine, that there is something that always slips your mind while you have a deep understanding of that which you cannot remember, then certainly your soul is ready to consciously access and connect you with your Akashic field.
Maintaining this privilege is up to you!

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