Apollonian card Decks

Every deck has a healing goal topic! Depending on the issue that concerns you, choose the treatment you need to receive. Remember that the best Healer is the best guided one, and Apollonian decks are connected with the Soul of the Sun.

Venus Karma Healing cards

venus cards

Venus deck: A multidimensional healing method

This is a 3-level system that certifies your insight as a Venus Reader, Healer and Teacher.

Venus, Aphrodite in Greek, indicates our relationships with everything that surrounds us.

At the 1st level you learn to track the relationship with yourself and other people; comprehend your true feelings, thoughts and actions; and heal hidden wounds and anxieties. This card-deck, combing alchemy, mythology, radiesthesia and crystal-therapy, provides a cross-therapy method that enables you to discover the whole range of your self.

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A’ level Cards System 

B’ level Flower system 

C’ level Quantum system



Eros Love Healing cards

eros healing deck 1

The Eros Love cards is an archetypical method of spirits that connect humans with Aphrodite Goddess of Love and their Necessity to be loved. This primordial rays can reveal to you, your astral body truth, in your senses system. Each sense of your emotional body vibrates a different command/program! Knowing the programs you are able to change them! This is a new era of Healing changing technique –  You can be a certified Eros Reader and Healer. In this seminar you learn two techniques of healing old wounds and a first step technique to senses system! Join this certified course on Udemy.


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A’ level certified course on Udemy   SEE COURSE ON UDEMY HERE




Weekly rays tuned cards – Spiritual Coaching deck series

weekly cards systemThis unique deck of cards, is a fully operated system of the new system of coaching – The Spiritual Coaching – to this certified course learn how to stay connected with your spirit. Coach your mind to respect your spirit! Cards of this deck are simple with special messages from your Higher Self, while the system of using them is conncting to your finest balanced day!

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