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Asklepios, “Ασκληπειός” in Greek, is Apollo’s son and the God that gives mankind Ygeia (“Υγεία”: Health) and Iasis (“Ίασις”: Healing).
asklipios-iroas-theos-iatrikisOne of the most famous methods that the priests of Asklepios used at the ancient Asklepeia (sacred therapy centers) was Ypnosis. People who wanted to be cured from persistent psycho-physical ailments slept over at the Asklepeia and the next day they woke up completely cured.
The Apollonian Academy, having traced, studied and decoded sacred ancient sources, follows Asklepius’ Principles helping you to heal symptoms and deepest causes of psycho-physical blockings.
Asklepian Ypnosis unveils the Apollonian path that leads to our soul’s pure light – where Ygeia and Iasis nurture the Aigle (“Αίγλη”: Brightness) of Universal Remedy (Panakeia, “Πανάκεια”).
This healing is for you…
If you suffer from chronic diseases, stresses or other unnerving symptoms,
as it will help you transform codes, information and blueprints connected to psycho-physical symptoms.

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