Astral Channeler certification

Aktina 8 (radius) is the channel through which the Astral Mediator (Channeler) comes across during his instruction at the Apollonian Academy’s Astral Channeler Seminar.
If you are already a channeler this Gnosis that you will receive during this seminar, is going to, through inactive action, connect you to Soul records.
Information from soul records are being brought to you through Divine Beings of the galaxy and you are transmiting these healing info to the human polarity, as creatures of Earth – the Planet of polarity.
Thus, we could say, that the Astral Channeler of Apollonian Academy is also an Astral Healer, who transmits information to the receiver in order to unblock him/her on this particular moment from anticlockwise movements, known as planetary karma.
During this magical journey of Meteorism at the Stars, you are leaving the system of polarity and  information flow in a clockwise rhythm.
The Astral Mediator of the Apollonian Academy enters the library of Soul’s personal information, all the 7 parallel universes where the soul exists during incarnation. 
The Astral Mediator gains the ability to connect to the 7 basic constellations: Pleiades *Orion, Eye of Taurus, Scorpius, Regulus, Aldebaran, Vega, that transmit 7 divine qualities – Aretes; and he/she, as a mediator, will be capable of simultaneously conveying that information. 
All these divine qualities that we so much admire and wish to connect with, are the Higher Beings of Constellations magnificently spread all over the Galaxy.
In order to reach these divine qualities all we have to do is to allow ourselves to enter in higher vibrations.
The Gates of Harites – Graces are connected with these divine beings which are wide open and wait each one of us to enter and activate his/her connection, so as to stimulate this spiritual information. The latter, depending on how we manage and appreciate their verities, invigorate our relationship with divine beings, often called Guardians, or Angelic Teams of Graces (see: 24 Paths of Wisdom).
As an Astral mediator you will learn how to develop and enrich your connection with every astral team and how to receive information.
This seminar includes videos, informational written material and live practice, consists of two levels.
On Level 1 you will learn what channeling is and how to practice it during a 5-hour live seminar (day and time of your choice) & the written steps of Master’s  Melchisedek Butterfly.
On Level 2, you will become familiar with the theory on planets and constellations, their vibrations to Earth beings (us), as well as with genuine Platonic and Aristotelic gnosis regarding the Cosmos of Ideas, that will enable you to decode the galactic bodies’ actuation and how it connects with our 2 hemispheres.
In the Astral Channeler Semirar: 
  • You will learn the technique and you will experience the mystagogy of Meteorism. Meteorism differs from meditation. In meteorism we communicate with galactic beings, with our galactic friends, who help us in this decision of ours to serve on Planet Earth; whereas in the higher levels of meditation we get in touch with our subconscious and daemon (Higher Self).
  • You will be able to practice Astral Channeling professionaly.
  • You will have the privilege of communicating with Divine Beings and receive valuable information, harmonized with Soul records bringing higher and brighter vibrations, Aretes in this incarnation and radiate their healing rays to those who needed including your self.


If you often find yourself gazing at the stars wondering how it is that they shine so brightly, travelling across the endless skies on unseen orbits, and your eyes cannot simply quit from staring at their rays until they vanish in a blink of an eye; then, yes, this seminar is for you, as it is going to reveal how to listen to sky-jewels’ voices and how to decode the messages of all these you have so highly placed at your micro-universe.

Astral Channeler Diploma 8 weeks course


Thank you for enrolling to Astral Channeler Diploma 8 weeks course! I am Calliope your instructor and for the coming 8 weeks we are going to uncover together your astro-charisma path to meteorism and being a Connstellations mediator. Please Click here, to course platform, using the code you received on your email box.