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chakra healing with Mukta


This radionic chakra therapy session, even if we have never heard before neither about radionic nor about chakra is a “must do” therapy for our ehtheric health!

In these healing session you become aware of your energy centers and the sense of moves of your rose-petals.
You connect with your inner power, feeling the qualities, vibrations of your organs and the energy flow inside your body. Your Susumna receives the energy formation needed from Ida & Pingala channels.
You get to know your unit-body and sense all those light feelings which makes you marvel nature’s wonders.
People often mention that these healing sessions helped them sense their colours and appreciate their physical body.
Many other said that they witnessed tremendous health improvement and that they feel more vivid and energetic than ever before.
Some people even ask radionic healing sessions for the chakras in all auric bodies layers in order to feel their full-energy rhythm.
And yes, some people have actually sensed their etheric heart vibration and said that this was the first time they felt so serene.
This healing session is like a doctor’s checkup but in your auric field.
  1. Written Analysis of chakra present situation (Rhythm, tensity, speed, color)
  2. Alignment of 13 chakra system
  3. Mukta radiation to each chakra vortex
  4. Purification and Protection from external attachments
  5. Astral clearance


21 hours Chakra Regeneration Mukta Healing session


In order to best describe Apollonian Academy’s healing sessions we utilized our clients comments and experiences. 

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