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greek-city-states-1134971_1280Antipeponthos is the ancient Greek word for Karma.
Apollonian teaching and healing methods approach the quality and rhythm that the actions and thoughts of a soul acquire, from the soul’s first incarnation until now.
The Apollonian system does not signify time as a limit, as every information is decoded through its sacred geometry and nano-hertz imprints.
The activation of goodness in an incarnated soul cannot be analyzed through one’s mind system but through one’s expressed and detected emotions. If these emotions are far off from Cosmic Love’s light and crystal feeling, then these emotions are those points at the straight-line of psyche that need to be transformed.
This healing session is a privilege that your soul has gained in this incarnation. This privilege is gained by taking full responsibility for your current and past actions and thoughts. This responsibility shows your spiritual attunement with Cosmic Justice, illuminating your path for Dharma. The harmonious point that connects you to your Dharma straight-line at the parallel Hyper-Universe exists within you; all you have to do is to transform yourself in order to reach the eternal, sacred essence of your soul.
7 Hyper-Universes we envision as 7 cyclical wheels, the one existing within the other, connected with the 7 Paths of Divine Essence.

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