Book your Love mate session

Love therapy is not just about learning to share your true feelings with your love-partner.

Love therapy is about getting in touch with your own love capacity. 
In this Love-Mate session you will transform all the disharmonic causes & frozen love vows installed in the auric field. We redesign their geometric shapes so that you can express what you are entitled to live in a harmonious companionship. A very important part of this session is to trace the karmic lessons your soul may have sign in. Knowing if there is such a lesson, you receive the wise Xrismos (Pythia) how to tune in a higher octave so as to be released from this karmic obligation of yours.
There is also, a possibility the Love blockages derive from external causes that are attached to your Solar plexus area, with the form of a turning shield. These shields are called Petra Shields and they have the power to freeze your love senses through back heart chakra troubles. This is a unique process healing we do together in order to trancent them in to a Gold shield of Love attraction and activate Medusa mirroring.
If you are alone, you need to change this formation of loneliness status. Your lovemate exists and it is not blessed for you not to have the life experiences that a companionship can give to the ego healing process.
In other case, if your are in a Love-mate relation and you want to receive an auric clearance for both of you, then this is the perfect session for you. The goal is an enriched twin love healing with activations of personal Love Shields to the common axis to your Love Vortex info. This is a unique Apollonian method!