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Plato’s Cave is the abyss that terrors our mind…

Plato’s Cave exists in each and everyone of us
This cave is where people place their illusions, thoughts, fears, beliefs and repeated habits that block their own evolution, as they are afraid to see the chaotic labyrinth they know that they will face.
This healing session takes place only once a year at the sacred place of Magna Grecia, Cuma Italy, Andro di Sibylla, the temple of Apollo.
This 6 day initiatory sacred trip, people taking part in it explore their cave and shed light in it.
This process is strictly personal and helps you become aware of your own blindness and eventually open your third eye cosmic frequencies.
Initiations in sacred mysteries are personal steps, as each embodied soul is unique and has a unique sacred purpose to accomplish.
As member of the teamcircle, you will feel blessed for participating to the openings of the Holy Gates  of Graces that our Planet needs this era for helping its creatures to transcent in 5th D.
This is a mystagogi that cannot be expressed in words but only with the heart language of emotional intelligence.
Program of Cave Therapy Trip
  • 1st day – Holly Circle of team
  • 2nd day – Personall Awareness – Observation of Goals
  • 3rd day – Katharsis – Purification (ancient technique)
  • 4th day – Cave timeline (Plato & Sibilla therapy)
  • 5th day – Activation of Gates – Initiations
  • 6th day – Rebirth and Grounding of Purpose
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