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Let’s Mukta – We can be this perfect

Mukta is the sanscritic word for liberation. Κοχύλι: Kohyli is the Greek word for the sea-shell and according to the Apollonian Academy’s thorough research this pure natural creation’s structure embodies Φ healing rays. The Apollonian technique of activation awakens your personal sea-shell’s ratio, which is then tuned to healing algorithms that reveal the true connection with your inner-child, ultimately leading to the sense of liberation. 
People who have been in touch with our activated Mukta Vibrational method, describe them as Mukta (pearl of soul), and express it as the most pure feeling of inner-self connection.
This session addresses to you – who landed on this page!
That means that you are ready to receive the complete process of Master’s Melchisedek metamorphosis to non gravity system of Divine Love! Master Melchisedek is Psyche’s liberator, Opens the Royal Blue Gate 919 – the eternity of splashing unseen healing rays.
Mukta means freedom and Pearl is connected to Sun Rays that Apollo provide and Master Melchisedek is giving the permission to receive to those who are ready to enter the sacred Ladder of final soul embodiments.
Why have a Mukta session?
Your Mukta session is changing all parts, programs, beliefs, patterns, habits, attachments and algorithms that exist and work to your hypothalamus creating a fake matrix world that traps you living in it.
                         Your Mukta session is divided to 3 steps sessions, which last 21 days. This means that you have three Skype meetings, one each week.
This healing process includes some conditions to follow for purification, like not eating meat or drink alcohol during healing period.
May Blue Rose of Constellations Beings be in You and lead you to your Royal Blue Self