Aura Healing Decks


Apollonian card decks are divinatory devices enclosing esoteristic techniques and methods used From Egyptian Priests & Greek Oracle centrums. Each deck is a triple-step system of interactive healing based on Gnosis of ancient Philosophy.

This triple system consists of:

  1. Card decks – this tool connects the invisible cause with the visible effect
  2. Theoritical knowledge – connects the Practitioner with the mystic codes of Universe
  3. Healing method – techniques for implementation

Apollonian Oracle decks are applied for the first time as a complete enlightening and healing device. The goal of Apollonian decks is to decode, assimilate and transform auric information. Each deck specializes in areas of our lives and feelings, linked to Divine Entities, Virtues, Spirits and Archetypes that guide and assist us.

Apollonian Decks are unique tools of a new Up!Healing era. Knowing this you can prepare yourself for getting out of the comfortable Oracle zone, that you are aware of, and let your mind-soul system be stimulated by Apollo’s Archetype:

the original core of Divination & Healing 

choose your method

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