Dowsing – book your healing session

 Dowsing is the name which Rabdomancy is known to most of us.

Rabdomancy derives from the Greek word Rabdomanteia (“Ραβδομαντεία” in Greek, rabdos: wand + manteia: divination).

caduceus-2730761In ancient Greece Rabdomanteia was also called Rabdoskopia (“Ραβδοσκοπία”, in Greek, rabdos: wand + skopos: cause), meaning that Rabdos/ Wand could detect the true cause of any matter related to a place’s magnetic field.
This is why the ancient Greek Rabdomanteia is above all a quantum healing technique for the space that surrounds us.
In this healing session Apollo’s Light, through the specialized Golden Ravdos, reaches the physical and metaphysical field of your home, office or other premises you might inhabit, uplifting its geodetic and etheric vibrations. You will be able to experience the magical transformation of your private space into Hestia, a luminous and sacred earthy-center that embraces your physical and spiritual blossom.
This healing session is for you..
If you feel like you are not experiencing the best scenario of your life, that something is missing or blocking physical or spiritual pleasures, then this healing session, by neutralizing the aura of your everyday habitat, gives you the privilege to step up and full-fill the truth-seeking journey of your soul.