Dr. Panagiota Manolakakis

Apollonian team photosI am Panagiota Manolakakis and I am a doctor and Mukta Vibrational Therapist. I come from Thessaloniki a beautiful city in Greece where I studied medicine and took my degree at Aristotle University. Since then, I have worked at Greek NHS for 8 years. In 2017, I took the title of specialty in Nephrology and I have been working as a Nephrologist consultant in a General Hospital of Greece for the past two years.

During my training in medicine, I realized soon that traditional medicine could not help substantially in the treatment of most of chronic diseases as the cure aims at the relief of symptoms rather than at the cause of the disease. Furthermore, I had to deal with personal health problems and could not find solution in traditional medicine, so I decided to try radiesthesia as a therapy. During the magical journey in the world of radiesthesia not only I felt healthy as far as my physical body is concerned, but I also started to discover myself, I realized that being healthy was my choice and my responsibility and I learnt that if I wanted to heal something, I had to find the root of it. Thus, I became an angel channeler, a technique that helped me to communicate with my Higher self.

Furthermore, I felt the need not only to heal myself but also help other people who face emotional or health problems, so I currently decided to become a radiesthetic practitioner and help other people find their own way too.

I am also a Venus RPL  and Eros Oracle Healer and Iridologist. It is great honor and joy for me to help you find the paths of Bliss in your life!

I would like to thank my teacher from the depths of my heart for the guidance and the special gifts that I have received and hopefully I give to you …

I sincerely wish to all of you universal love to all aspects of your life. P.Manolakakis