Enorasis Diploma

Enorasis means: being able to see inside. Lexarithm of word Enorasis is 434 with pythmenic number 2. Decoding the meaning and combining it with its numeric life, we can assume that seeing inside means being able to sense Astral & Spiritual world. 


This state of awareness is a step process of exiting the anticlockwise mind thought system and of opening the entrance to the clockwise spirit system of your Avatar state.

The Enorasis Diploma is a 3 months course offering all necessary esoteric gnosis, that a charismatic orator needs. The psychic charisma is a gift that you have worked for in previous lives. It is an active program that you need to master it this lifetime. For this to happen, you should follow the steps of remembering and continue from the point of gnosis that you left incomplete until you reach the state of human neutralisation.

6 weeks live streaming

  • Weekend 1

Memory & Remembrance are two major fields of practice, for learning how to distinguish your charisma info (akashic info) from mind’s fantasy.

  • Weekend 2

Esoteric gnosis mysteries and personal initiations

  • Weekend 3

How to read etheric information,

How to use Hermes Wand / Rabdos

  • Weekend 4

Steps to neutralization, Deep Clearance from Dark forces connection, Activation Spirit Wealth

  • Weekend 5

Practice enorasis tools cards, crystals, rods 

  • Weekend 6

Practice enorasis Inner Eye Activation 

Final two hours: Diploma Ceremony

Further info

Want to enroll now? Star the journey to this gnosis that is going to amaze you and make you feel that you finally are to the right path!

Enorasis Seminar