ERΩS Deck – technique of 5 senses observation of a trauma

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Erωs Deck is an Oracle Healing method of our 5 senses

Eros is the God-keeper of our emotions and actions.

Erωs is primarily a healing method that helps you recognize and transform blocked emotions that reside in the Etheric layer of your senses (hearing, touch, orasis, taste & smell).  It is a powerful method based on Eros Archetypes that create the law of Necessity and Desire in life. 

Even when we are aware of our emotional state, we don’t really know how this feeling is formed in our astral plane, nor do we know with which sense it is associated to! This way we can never reshape it or clear it! The method you are going to learn, is going to help you create a new foundation on your relation with your senses system.

According to Plato, the system of senses is an illusion, derived from the fact that the soul is trapped in a material yet non true world! This material world is a result of our ideal world (personal ether world). What we call imagination and fantasy, wishes and desires are a result of our astral plane, where emotions inhabit and are connected with the conscious mind through a water bridge. Since it is quite difficult in this pluralistic world of Earth to idealize the material and vice versa, astral forms get confused and lead us to emotional confusion which trapping us to this five senses satisfaction mode.

Satisfying our senses has become an idealistic way of living, even when we meditate. Is this the path that leads to our truth Divine Wisdom and Love?

According to Western Philosophers and their tablets of gnosis, the path of idealizing materialism is a matrix of our lower ego while The path of materializing the ideal is a difficult one, because it guides us to purification steps that eliminate the senses pleasures. Our Five senses is the labyrinth of our mind. We are used to react using them as a team even we use each one of our sense separately. This team work creates or awakens our habits and traps. Being able to detect a habit of our ego to each one of our 5 senses and detecting how it is formed and in which point (sense) we need to focus, we are starting to find ‘Ariadne’s thread’ in our labyrinth and the real exit from it.

Eros deck consists of 42 cards of Eros Archetypes and a healing method, based on timeline and steps to meteorism. Meteorism is the higher state of no-dual wisdom that a human can reach. In this seminar you will receive the Rose petal healing meteorism which you can apply and interact with, depending on the Archetypes that have appeared to each sense. 

Eros deck is linked to the Apollonian Light and Orphic Hymns.

Let your Soul Self be the leader of your Love senses … 

Investigate your mind world and let your Deamon(Higher Self) guid you to your insight unicorn love path.

You can buy official deck cards with book

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You may enroll to Eros certified Seminar on Udemy, on special price!

Enroll to ERΩS Healing Seminar 

You may book an Eros healing session

ERΩS Healing session

Why to book an Eros healing Session? If you feel that your love life needs guidance, or if you experienceblocks to certain circles of emotional inertia Then the spirit of Eros, Aphrodite’s son, can offer you information and healing transformation.  May be blessed and free to feel Divine!



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