Ioanna Naxian

This is how Ioanna’s journey started.
Mis Ioanna P. Mukta HealerIn a MUKTA healing session I discovered my Inner-Child. My eyes sparkled when I first saw the pendulum sea-shell!
And that was it, I asked Calliope if I could learn how to practice MUKTA, and yes, I received MUKTA along with Astral Channeling and Venus Card Reading!
I am now a MUKTA practitioner, specializing in chakra therapy and astral body healing.
MUKTA opens up wondrous paths, pure and divine vibrations that free your whole existence. So, LET’S MUKTA!
MUKTA fulfills my soul-purpose and I am deeply grateful to the Apollonian Academy, and to the Teacher for the deepest and most supreme Truths that guides me through being & living a Free – Blessed-Life.