New Era to Oracle Healing

Mantiki & Iasis

Apollo: God of Medicine, Divination, Archery & Music!

Apollonian Academy brings to the modern world ancient methods and techniques of Oracle and Healing, combining two of Apollo’s powers in a method that stimulates self-transformation.

Mantiki follows the rhythm of decoding etheric information (akashic records), at the same time that Iasis heals our body layers by following our Deamon’s (Higher-self) guidance.

Each Oracle Deck aims to englighten your personal invisible world, becoming a bridge for your metamorfosis. By knowing what you need to change and how to change it, you come closer to your Soul-self and Life purpose, enjoying a harmonic everyday life.

Students of Apollonian Academy are Soothsayers & Healers of the coming Aquarius era! You receive mystique knowledge and the know how to use it for the Higher Good   of Humanity and planet Earth! 

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