Quantum therapy to fractions

Venus: the brighter Planet that we see and approach as a star in the night & day sky along with Pleiades, vibrates harmony and beauty to our lives. Myths of Poulia & Avgerinos are reveiling to us that this beauty can be activated when Pleiadian beings rise up during winter season. The cosmic triangle of Love Pleiades- Venus- Moon is your personal stigmap  the scale  of love point that your soul has conquered to the journey of incarnations.

The Apollonian Academy’s Venus Card System decodes your love point and shows how your emotions, thoughts, unconscious feelings and unspoken words are connected according to the Cosmic Love Triangle.
We feel the need to learn more about our relation with micro-cosmos because we discover the true essences of our feelings. 
These healing session help us become self-aware and self-confident, feel secure and strong enough to transform ourselves  in high frequencies of  the given scenario Rose Petal 5.
Venus Card System healing lightens up our connection with cosmos, bringing the brightest of lights in our lives. 

Hello I am Panagiota, together we will have this love journey healing session via skype.


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