Vibrational Helix Mukta


M U K T A   – Vibrational Method of Transformation – RadionEsthisis

The Apollonian Academy proudly presents MUKTA:

a unique, extraordinary and highly sophisticated system of iasis,

metamorphosis and apotheosis of Core-Self!

Nowadays, countless healing methods aim to balance and uplift us, promising a harmonic and prosperous living; and, thankfully, some of them do help us to come in touch with our virtuous side. What if though this connection with our virtuous, ‘good’ self is just the beginning of something even more wonderful? What if a harmonic and prosperous living is just the beginning of an even more graceful life? What if there is a way, a method to reach our Soul-Self, sense this inner-light and vibrate the divine flame that unites us with God?

So far we have seen ourselves through necessity, asking to transform what feels discomfort or unpleasant, and once this is achieved we certainly feel happier, lighter, healthier. So far we get to meet our higher-self because something goes wrong with our lower-self. However, everything that stands high Υ in us is there at all times and not just when we are in need. What we have by chance come to recognize as miraculous, divine and eternal is there for a Purpose that certainly surpasses our needs and desires.


Mukta take us a step closer to this Purpose. Beyond necessity and longing – beyond healing and transformation, MUKTA welcomes us to a pure self-luminous cosmos of Ypsilon vibes. A cosmic rhythm that exists in and by its own perfection. Learning how to coordinate ourselves with MUKTA means that we experience a unique, extraordinary and highly sophisticated system of iasis, metamorphosis and apotheosis of our 12 DNA spiral. Becoming a MUKTA practitioner means that you are able to live as a pure self-luminous being, existing in and by your own perfection.

MUKTA means freedom, signifying your straightforward connection with your Soul-self. Soul-self is an end in itself (‘αυτοσκοπός’: aytoskopos in Greek / Higherself-goal) and not a means to an end. MUKTA is also an end in itself. Becoming a MUKTA practitioner means that you are able to complete: be yourself as an end in itself – coordinate with your Soul-self.

Aristotle describes autonomy as blissfulness (‘ευτυχία’: eftyhia in Greek), while Socrates’ axiom ‘One’s self to one’s self’, ‘Τα του εαυτού πράττειν’ (‘Ta toy eaftoy pratein’) in Greek, indicate that being able to autonomize – free ourselves from externalities, and be who we in our magnificent simplicity truly are: an incarnated Soul, then we have discovered the very source of blissfulness.

MUKTA is a fountain that generates blissfulness. It is a highly sophisticated method that unfolds the spiritual rhythm, Φ ratio vibration, of one of nature’s perfect creations, sea-shell, algorithmically combined with man’s perfect balance rhythm, discover inner-child purity rhythm & being able to translate cellular & adrenal physical activities into healing vibrations. Ancient philosophy, sacred geometry, quantum physics are all radiesthetically combined and decoded in a system that enables cosmic uniqueness /MUKTA/ to be born in a micro-universe /practitioner/, eventually leading to one’s apotheosis: be your Soul-self in yourself / SoulSelf.


Mukta vibrational Radiesthesia level 1 Apollonian AcademyMUKTA Seminal – Level I – MUKTA APOLLONIAN THERAPIST

As you can understand for someone to experience sacred union is an ultimate Purpose, is the pick, the crown’s pearl. This pearl is over there, it shines upon us and it won’t simply fall upon our heads; we have to uplift ourselves, stretch our heads up there, in order to sense its permeable light. We need to level-up ourselves and MUKTA levels show us how.

Seminar Description

Level I. You will be taught what Φ ratio is and how it functions,; as well as how to detect this Υ rhythm in your physical and auric field by studying specialized maps and decoding i) vibrations, based on radiesthetic – unseen colors, ii) the 5 elements, iii) the 7 chakras system.

You will learn:

  • to work with MUKTA HEALING PENDULUM vibrational Hz (how to activate your MUKTA pendulum and how to use it on specialized maps: analyzing your elements DNA & RNA messengers, and how to cleans, activate & balance them)
  • to decode MUKTA pendulum indications and radiesthetically discover your body functions in minerals and adrenals (endocrinesystem)
  • the steps to ‘metastoixeiosis’ and algorithmic changes to dysfunctions to the 15 auric layers.

Seminar Requirements – this gnosis is for you …

If you feel a quiet serenity every time you hear a sea-shell’s whispers; if your fingertips feel a most gentle whiteness when they touch a pearl; if your eyes blink every time they observe the innocent dance of lines on a seashell’s surface; if you smell a delight breeze coming from a sea-shell’s entrance, well, then you are ideal for enrollong in MUKTA Seminar.

And if, let’s say, you feel that all these divine qualities: serenity, gentleness, innocence, lightness do not just describe how you feel about a seashell, but also how you feel for your inner-child, then yes you are ideal to become a MUKTA practitioner!

Seminar Material provided

Book Mukta Vibrational Healings

MUKTA Maps & Scientific Aura charts (printable)

MUKTA Pendulum

Video material on Academy’s online class platform

Personal Practice sessions via Skype with your instructor

Certification & Diploma of A’level Mukta Apollonian Therapist (Vibrational Therapist Y waves)

Mukta Apollonian Therapist & Y waves healer A’level certification