Receive your life Xrismos

In traditions associated with Apollo, the orator gave prophecies during the nine warmest months of each year. During winter months, Apollo was said to have deserted his temple, and his place being taken by his divine half-brother Dionysus, whose tomb was also within the temple. Following and Respecting this tradition, this Archetypical councelling session works for 9 months, meaning from March until November. On November the Love Triangle of Pleiades-Venus-Moon aligns with Dionysus for three months (era of Harmony & Beauty healings).

Xrismos is an esoteric councelling, which uncovers all the astral blockages and transmits the wisest action towards a specific area of life. Mostly this councelling is related to life purpose, not only spiritually but to every aspect of the embodied life. Xrismos is given only once a lifetime, that means that you can have this session only once.

This Xrismos that you will receive, hopefully, will reasonate every step in your life line, being able to manage important events in your life. As you will understand this is a priceless guidance that does not fade over time. Magically this sentence never changes and every aspect of life journeys ends to this “Xrismos” sentence.

As this session happens only once, you may prepare a range of questions to be answered. You receive answers written in papyrous for keeping Pythia’s Xrismos vivid in memory, councelling all your life steps. 

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Pythia – Life time Xrismos

This once life time session lasts 30min via Skype You will receive your Papyrous Xrismos via EMS


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