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The Apollonian Academy is oriented towards all those who are aware of their spiritual awakening. Remembering (past life regression) and recovering ancient knowledge is our main goal.

The ancient purification ceremonies of the Kaviria and Eleusian mysteries, along with the temples’ of sacred geometry Φ ratio and their geodetic location, are coming back. Ceremonies and techniques coded to manuscripts that they intended to cauterize fantasiomania and egoism, that accompany earth’s gravity, so as to arise the human beings to their divine essence (pneuma: spirit).

Iniochos (478 BC, Delphi archaeological museum, Greece) holds the straps of two horses (nous/mind: black horse, psyche/soul: white horse) in perfect balance. Iniochos means ‘the one who leads the horses’. However, these two horses symbolize the absolute contradiction (polarity) that characterize our very existence: our nous/mind (struggling to think) is in constant disorder with our senses (struggling to feel), and in this restless exchange of information human beings are left adrift.

The goal is, thus, to become Iniochoi for our lives; and since each and every one is unique this is why the methods in transforming ones-self to Iniochos are different, although they serve the same goal. (For example, someone might need to explore healing radiesthesia or channeling in order to practically evolve his/her skills and knowledge while others Philosophy & Coaching.)

The Apollonian Academy, as every scientific metaphysics research team, celebrates Plato and Aristotle’s philosophies as the ones that can help us create, facilitate our inner politismo/civilization, Politeia of our micro-cosmos, the Symposium with our spiritual astro-team, the Argonaut expedition of our Holy Grail (Chrysomallo deras/Golden fleece).

As Apollonian team we embrace the therapeutic light of central sun and we learn through our teachers how to define and where to channel the energy vibes that we as galactic beings receive, in order to serve in harmony and according to the Cosmic Laws our life purpose.

We accept that we are one soul, but since we live on earth we respect each other’s needs for spiritual and material eudemonia/bliss.

Pythagoras in his school accepted only those who were worthy of producing social work, worthy of experiencing all kinds of eudemonia/bliss. Following the ancient Greek schools’ core values and the keys, that you will learn at the Apollonian Academy, the force of divination as well as the other Apollonian forces intend to empower both your spiritual and physical, material eudemonia/bliss, elevating your quality of living to its highest scale.


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