Seven spiritual paths – Healing session – Activation


This Apollonian healing session is an esoteric, mystical ritual that enlightens your 7 Sacred paths of incarnation.
In each path you connect with and activate the alchemical Metal that compose your physical body; the alchemical Ray that composes your etheric body; and the alchemical Divine Quality that composes your mental auric body.
This session addresses to advanced Earth Angels, who have already worked with Self-Healing, as well as to therapists, who are ready to move onto the next level of Galactic Earth beings.
In this healing session you will receive informational written material, in order to proceed into your personal Galactic Initiations.
If someone is at the initial stage of his/her healing transformation, then the Spiritual Coaching Seminar (on Udemy) is ideal for activating mind-soul equilibrium, as well as for perceiving the difference between egoistic personal universe and spiritual-angelic personal universe. 

Open 7 paths – Unicorn Transformation

This healing session lasts 7 days


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