Sibylla diploma

The name Sibylla in ancient Greek means the Will of God. 

Sibylla is a most sacred title given to a Woman who is tuned to Apollo’s field, where the Divine Spirit is always present.  This is why Sibylla Priestess has access to timeless Universal records.
Sibylla was the one who prophesied the coming of Jesus Christ, His name as well as His Mother’s name, Holy Mary.
Sibylla is considered a higher religious title, a Christian Prophetess  – a Christian Sibylla, a name that clearly shows her Divine Spiritualism, that overpasses any polarities or dualism of the mind system.
Sibylline oracles, as many other sacred gospels, are kept as apocryphal in major Christian Temples, such as the Vatican (Rome, Italy) and the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos, Greece).
For you who have sensed this Mystic call you shall receive in the Sibylla Etheric Records Seminar inner gnosis and sacred archives that will nurture your Divine Path.
A basic element for someone who claims the title of Sibylla, access to Universal libraries and decoding of etheric inrofmation, is the maturity of her Soul (elder or last incarnation), expressed through solidarity and severity in the everyday life.
Sibylla is an extraordinary being, her whole life is a ritual – an hymn to Hyperion.
The title of Sibylla has nothing to do with fortune-telling, nor is connected with Pythia’s oracle powers. At the Manteion of Delphi, Pythia gave xrismos, answers to certain questions, and the xrismos was then decoded by the High Priest (“Πλούταρχος” in Greek, Plutarch, was the last High Priest of Delphi).
Sibylline rituals are completely different. They are composed of Sibylla alone; there is no other human priest, as Sibylla represents the power of the sacred union between male and female, the Divine Spirit that manifests Apollo’s presence – Apollo’s all 4 qualities, according to Kratylos, Plato: Mantiki (“Μαντική” in Greek, Oracullum), Iatriki (“Ιατρική”, Medicine), Toxeutiki (“Τοξευτική”, Archery),  Mousiki (”Μουσική”, Music).
The title of Sibylla opens the path to access past – present – future information all in one, as Sibylla is tuned to Ether, accessing the Universal library, Akasha.
For you, who feel the need to follow this life-path and work with yourself, so as to be able to have the honor of asking for permission of the title of Sibylla, Well Come to this Apollonian seminar.
Sibylla Etheric Records Seminar consists of three parallel levels:
  • I. Theory. Analysis and codes of the title of Sibylla; of etheric records and King Melchisedek’s decoding.
  • II. Interactive Practice (live streaming). Entrance into the Universal library and how to access an etheric archive.
  • III. Personal Ritual. Initiation to Ancient Greek Rituals that activate your blessed title of Sibylla.
Today it is necessary to understand that for someone to be able to access and decode akashic records, means that whenever asked this person can be transferred to any place – any time of planet Earth, and thathe can see and hear what happens at this particular point and say it. Being able to access etheric records means that you are able to know in coded, cryptic alphabet everything that have or are about to happen on planet Earth. This means, as Aristotle and Plato emphasize, that there are only a few, those who can actually have and serve this title, of Sibylla.
20180517_143043It is a Great Honor for the Apollonian Academy Team to experience every year the opening of such a luminous path at the Andro di Sibylla (Cuma, Italy), where we renew the permission for the title of Sibylla.
It is our Great Privilege if this difficult and divine path is what your soul has signed in as the ultimate purpose of this incarnation. And it will be our great privilege to witness your Spiritual ascent to Apollo’s Temple at the Andro di Sibylla in Cuma.
The Sibylla Etheric Records will enrich your Gnosis.
  • You will learn the true story of the title of Sibylla.
  • You will understand what the akashic records are and how the Ancient philosophers and scientists attained Gnosis.
  • You will work on the oldest text ever found of Hermes Trismegistus.
  • You will practice (a lot!) on neutralization, an important healing process for yourself unity.
  • You will experience the opening of an etheric archive, as well as the course of decimal information contained in every decimal etheric record.
  • You will discover the geometry of the etheric information and how to decode.
  • You will know / Gnosis / the reason why Sacred Geometry is Sacred.
This seminar lasts for 6 months, one weekend every month for Theory and one weekend for Practice, 12-2day seminars, 8hours each.
This Diploma and the Title of Sibylla is the Highest Diploma that the Apollonian Academy offers.
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The Sibylla title Diploma