Summer Solstice at Delfi

The Summer Solstice is on June 21! The point where the eagles of Zeus met in order to show the center of the Earth- the Omphalos- is Delfis on Mount Parnassus Greece. At this point of Earth we will be teaming up with all of you who want welcome the Summer Solstice.

Decoding the myth, we know that Zeus represents the Mind system while the eagles symbolize our two hemispheres. Delphis is a unique geodetic place of our planet, where during this particular time of Summer Solstice, enables the experience of a cosmic ritual  for awakening our solar atomic mind system.

Every year we visit Apollo’s temple and we receive the paths of  Wisdom keys.  For students & followers who will not be able to physically join us, we will have live streaming with healing meditation, for 1 hour, on Hang out gmail.

If you wish to participate in this unique experience, live on hang out, fill in this box