Tetractys Diploma

Tetraktys is the ultimate mystical symbol of Pythagoras.

Someone who is familiar with Greek or Latin, would instantly recognize that the name Tetraktys derives from the number 4 tessera/tetrad (“τέτρα” in Greek, four) + aktys (“ακτίς” in Greek, radius).
1 / Monad: symbolizes integration, all exist in One and as One.
2 / Dyad: symbolizes necessity, the cosmogony of opposites – the reason why we live.
3 / Tryad: symbolizes the essence of 1 that comes to life 2, 1+2: the Holly Trinity of Mind-Spirit-Soul.
4 / Tetrad: symbolizes the implementation of 1+2+3+4, the creation of decade 10.
Number 4 automatically brings to our minds the 4 points of the compass, the 4 seasons and the foul elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air). However, decoding Tetraktys goes a lot deeper than what we could possibly imagine; it’s implementation even in the field of Quantum Physics remains a mystery, a philosophical phenomenon yet to be discovered.
In Apollonian Academy we holistically approach and examine Tetraktys as a perfect therapeutic meter.
In this seminar the Tetraktys healer learns the principles of the 4 personality types (sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic) according to Hippocrates and how to detect in which category he/she is included.
The Tetraktys healer learns how to decode Pythagorean metaphysical axiom by combining it with Hippocratic iasis methods.
Further on in this seminar, the Tetraktys healer deepens his knowledge on the characteristics and the cosmos of 10 0possites; 10 qualities that exist and identify with Tetraktys, as each 1 is a unit of 10 points, one of one decade.
This seminar aims to enrich and widen your healing gnosis and techniques, while Tetraktys will also initiate you in a deeper and stronger connection that intimately scans and detects disharmonious points that need transformation.
The Diploma Tetraktys Healer is able to geometrically decode multiple Tetractyses, unfolding any organism’s perfect rhythm.
The Apollonian Tetraktys Healer will know how to decode the soul’s notes, beats, how they orchestrate an incarnated body; their connections with vital organs, quantum algorithms and geometric forms that need to be transformed in order to succeed the harmonic synthesis, man’s divine holistic balance.
Exercising this major healing method means that you will be able to experience and practice the etheric metamorphosis of your/and your clients, seen and seen body-functions, sacred symphonies.
In this seminar you will follow in silence the ritual followed by the Teacher Pythagoras’ students and, through the ultimate power of silence, you will feel Universal sounds, the music of the spheres and eternal wisdom echoes of Ascended Masters, that your soul has asked to rhythmically connect with, when this divine mission of yours – to become a Tetractys healer has been embodied and full-filled during this lifetime.
The duration of Tetractys Therapist Seminar is 60 hours, adjust according to your and the Apollonian Academy tutor’s schedule.
This seminar includes videos, informational written material and live practice.
With the completion of this seminar you will receive 1.47 credits so as to establish, if you wish so, an Apollonian Healing Centrum.

Tetractys Therapist Diploma