Vibrational RadioChrom Astrology – Ypsilon waves

Apollonian Academy proudly presents the evolutionary revival of Vibrational RadioChrom-Astrology. A powerfull transmuting and transformational Galactic method based on your birthday and progressive chart aims changing your personal relation with Celestial bodies’  vibrations within time!

Vibrational Radio-Chrom Astrology is based on ancient Greek and Egyptian astro-gnosis reasonance. Our team feels blessed for decoding and re-establishing this unique, initiating astrological technique, which accurately reveals your personal soul-stigma on your vibrational birthday chart and sychronizes you with your progressive astrocosmic reasonance relation.

Untill now you are used to receive personal astrological predictions and established planetary relations that may explain many fatal life facts. This is a great privilege that Astrologists of this enligtening era offer; but, is this all? Is Astrology only for prediction and guidance? Οr can we go deeper to an astro-healing process? If ancient civilizations studied astro-sky just for predicting and accepting their astro-destiny they would never have created the Temples in perfect alliance with constellations. These thoughts led us to ethorough research, stydy and decode of ancient scripts. What we uncovered is an amazing asto-cosmos of micro-macro Universe’s transformation and synchronization. Your birthday chart is alive and is every moment changing the spectrum of  your constellations’ emition! Could you ever imagine that?

Apollonian Academy’s research is based on a plethora of sources: Ptolemy’s manuscripts, Physics, Astronomy, Priciples of Earth’s electomagnetic field, Polarized Light / Phasmatography and, of course, Earth’s equator and meridians.  For you who you already are into Astrology cosmos the knowledge of Vibrational Radio-Chrom Astrology will successfully lead you  to the next path: of becoming Astro-Therapist!

Radio-Chrom Astrology detects personal midpoints with planets and constellations through polarized colors, based on principles of Hermetics and Radiesthesia and progressively connects current midpoints aligned to this incarnation’s time-line. Each incarnated Soul has a unique color spectrum-energy shape, which is  represented on the birthday chart as a changeable blueprint. With the Radio-Chrom Astrology you can actually see this amazing moving fractal design. This fractal design opens up and offers unique connection points as energy waves, called Y psilon waves and through this exquisite, initiating, therapeutic procedure You are able to consciously receive and feel your own life’s musical line.

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